Entitled Doppelgänger, this CD presents 14 Liszt transcriptions of Schubert songs played by young Bulgarian pianist Dora Deliyska. Unlike so many young virtuosi nowadays, Deliyska has the full measure of the Lisztian or Schubertian style: plenty of rubato, a fluid and flexible musical line, and the kind of luftpausen that create dramatic as well as musical tension. The question, as always, is at what point do these transcriptions cross the line from artistry to simple exhibitionism? Are they truly art, or just pop schlock of their time? Deliyska makes a strong case for the former, getting deep in the keys and producing a sound on her Bösendorfer that is as rich as it is pearl-like. The sound quality is, in a word, stunning. She could be playing that piano you have right next to your stereo speakers.

Dr. Leslie Howard, famous for his recordings of all Liszt’s piano works, wrote in London in 2009 about the young musician: ‘Dora Deliyska’s magnificent recording debut with Liszt was distinguished by a thoughtful and tasteful performance: the sound extends from breathtakingly delicate to musically motivated splendour’.

And in the Wiener Zeitung, Edwin Baumgartner remarked on 19 February 2009: "Franz Liszt remains the touchstone for the pianist: the substance of the virtuoso pose needs to be sought, and the background of the gigantic keyboard thunderstorm illuminated. Otherwise, everything remains superficial show. The young Bulgarian Dora Deliyska manages to do this not only in the densely composed B minor Sonata, but also in the Schubert, Paganini and Wagner transcriptions, in which she uses her command of technique merely as a means to an end. And this end is lush, warm colours and living structure".

“The young musician now displayed all signs of a fully mature artist: technique, intelligence, passion and charm ... She plays with a full, honest and warm sound.”

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