B-A-C-H Project


Th B-A-C-H Project is a concert programme with its own unique concept. After many years of research and analysis, Dora Deliyska chooses a combination of pieces from three master works of piano literature:

  1. S.Bach – Well tempered Clavier, Book 1 and Book 2
  2. Shostakowitsch – Preludes and Fugues, op. 87
  3. Chopin – Etudes, op. 10 and op. 25


The Leitmotif of the project are the letters b,a,c, and h, these are also the tonalities of the selected

pieces. Dora Deliyska divides the programme in four blocks (the four letters) and plays the pieces in

each individual block without intermission in such a way that  this continuity influences

the individual pieces into one „new composition“. Every separate block lasts about 15 minutes and

consciously provokes a specific effect: melancholy, aggitation, serenity and passion. In doing so the

listener experiences  the music within a personal narrative. Dora Deliyska allows the public space to have its own interpretation and musical experience. The pianist believes that this project gives a new

glimpes of the piano performing arts and a very intimate connection between artist and listener.


The „B-A-C-H“ Project has a very clear musical structure, as each of the four individual blocks

emphasises one of the main component of music: melody, rhythm, harmony and emotion.

„B- Block“  – melody: both preludes by Bach and Schostakowitsch start with the same notes: b,c,des

„A- Block“ – rhythm: all the pieces chosen are in the same tempo

„C – Block“ – harmony: all the pieces have the interval quint at the beginning

„H – Block“ – emotion: all the pieces have extreme emotional capacity


After experiencing all four blocks, the listener attains a feeling of completeness, as all the components of music are considered.