Prokoffiev 3 with RBSO


29 Mar 2019


8:00 pm


Thailand Cultural Centre
Bangkok, Thailand

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2 months ago

Dora Deliyska

Dear all, on the first day of the New Year, I would like to share something very personal. Today it is all about looking forward in the future, wishing for better, happier and healthier days. But I would like to look back. 2019 wasn't easy for me. I had to face a lot of difficulties and try to find the balance in me again. Music has always been a stable companion in my life. Yet, there, in art, I question myself most - is an idea strong enough, is an interpretation honest enough, do I manage to give enough emotions to the audience, does the composer agree with me, is the sound deep enough...
2019 I learned to let go.
This is the cover of my new CD. Everything about this recording is different than the previous ones - starting from the cover and ending up with the last chords of Ravel "La Valse". The cover was made in motion, the interpretation was spontaneous, the recording system that caught the sound during the recording was unique, the instrument was brand new and we were searching together for different and new colors of the sound, my thoughts that I wrote down in the booklet were simply as they are on a daily basis - considered and curious about music.
I learned to let go and to simply be.
I think it was important for my music, for the people I love, but mostly for me personally.
This is my wish for 2020 for everyone - acceptance and appreciation of what we have and who we are!

I would like to thank a lot of people who were a big part in creating this CD and letting music be free. The list is very long. For now, big thanks to Bösendorfer Klavierfabrik, to Bert van der Wolf, to Challenge Records and
My family!
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